Jaimie Kulikowski for Congress., US House, CO District 6. 3rd Generation Army Veteran

From division to alliance to unity

From division to alliance to unity

From division to alliance to unityFrom division to alliance to unity

History has divided us. Today needs to ally us. Tomorrow will unify us.

photo: Jaimie & her dad @ her commissioning in '99


Jaimie's platform for social alliance & unity

Mission, Vision, Values, Intent

Mission: Not against, above, or below. We're with each other. 

Vision: We are entering the era of social intimacy. Over the next three generations, the U.S. military and legal system will shift their identities from being the strongest warriors and dividers in the world to being the strongest peacekeepers and connectors in the world. The military and federal legislature lead everything in our country. Their organizational practices set an example for the practices and relationships we have both internationally and domestically. 

Values: anti violence & silence. pro reparation. 

Intent: the vision for long term societal unity  will guide all actions. Jaimie intends to head up the Social Alliance committee once in Congress. She supports advocacy and activism for all social justice and climate issues. Jaimie will follow leaders and support bills in favor of these efforts. Her leadership lies in shifting us from division to alliance to unity.

Jaimie's resume as a leader for social alliance & unity

how Jaimie walks her talk

Social Justice

  • fought for woman, black, native, and mental health justice in Colorado's District Court in 2018 (see Kulikowski vs. PayScale, cases 1:18-cv-02531 &  1:18-cv-00702)
  • publicly speaking out against gun violence and police brutality of black men and boys.
  • spoke out against violence and racial, gender, and social injustices to over 50 senators and representatives in 2018.
  • fought to have microaggression and implicit bias incorporated into employment law in 2018 and is still fighting
  • does not blame and shame Trump, republicans, or white people for the era of social injustice we are in. We are where we are. It is what it is. No more pointing the finger for our history. We just need to stop repeating it

Mental Health & Addiction Crisis

  • ran a free emotional counseling clinic to serve the mental health crisis in 2018
  • seeking to get emotional counseling as recognized medicine in the American Medical Association
  • able to relate with her own history of military service related PTSD and anxiety
  • knows firsthand how expensive mental health therapy is having been in it herself since Jan 2015


  • certified mediator for empowered conflict resolution
  • private practice mediator, 2018 - present
  • Kosovo Peacekeeping Campaign medal recipient
  • saying anything, anywhere to get the first amendment out in front of the second
  • encourages others to say anything, anywhere to get the first amendment out in front of the second
  • attempting to collaborate with democratic opponent, Jason Crow
  • proposes we go back to the original intent and purpose of the second amendment
  • BA in communication
  • MS in Management & Organization


  • certified in G4 sustainability reporting
  • sustainability emphasis in graduate studies
  • Influenced HOA to start recycling at condo complex, 2012-2014
  • drives a hybrid
  • recycles
  • supports a Green New Deal. Needs more details before fully weighing in.


  • served as an airborne army officer from 99-03
  • Army Commendation medal recipient
  • Honorably discharged


  • over 10 years experience in HR research to include employee turnover, compensation, and pay equity analysis
  • supports the working class and is in it with the working class
  • supports both work-life balance and work-life integration
  • supports medicare for all


Total Contributions as of 1/17/20 is $53,235.75

The era of social intimacy. division to alliance to unity

what's your vision for the era of social intimacy?